We preserve & enhance the health & beauty of Wequaquet Lake.

Wequawuet Lake Map

7.5 Miles of Shoreline

654 Acres

34 Foot Maximum

14 Foot Average

Our responsibility is to protect, in whatever way possible, this treasure, in order that future generations will have the same opportunity we have all enjoyed. Our members are dedicated to keeping it clean, safe, and enjoyable for all.

Who We Are

Over 250 Members
Over 50% of all lakefront property owners

What We Do

Where We Are

The Wequaquet Lake Protective Association (WLPA) was formed in 1993 by a group of lakefront residents concerned about the degradation of the lake's water quality and its water levels. Runoff from septic systems, lawn fertilizers and roads were contributing to the lake's decline, and a poorly managed herring run was not monitored, so water was left to flow out of the lake at an indiscriminate rate.

After adopting the necessary bylaws, the WLPA became incorporated in 1993 and a letter announcing the first meeting was sent to all lakefront property owners introducing them to the newly formed WLPA. Well over 100 residents attended and elected a 16 member Board of Directors. In its first year, 207 property owners joined the WLPA.

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  • Chequaquet Lake
  • Nine Mile Pond
  • Great Pond


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