Wequaquet Lake Protective Association, Inc. WLPA

The main purpose of the Wequaquet Lake Protective Association, Inc. is to preserve and enhance the health and welfare of this great pond. Our responsibility is to protect, in whatever way possible, this treasure, in order that future generations will have the same opportunity we have all enjoyed. Our members are dedicated to keeping it clean, safe and enjoyable for all. 


We have grown to over 250 members representing more than half of the lakefront property owners. 

For the last 4 years, WLPA has worked with the Barnstable Police Department who have provided daytime patrolling on the lake to maintain and enforce boating safety. The WLPA has also donated funds for the maintenance of the police boat.

We have worked closely with the Town of Barnstable Department of Natural Resources for the proper management of the herring run in order to maintain the lake level at its historic mean level of 34' 00". 

The WLPA worked with the Barnstable's Conservation Commission to remove fanwort, a highly invasive weed, from a test section of the lake. The goal is to remove the remaining weeds from other parts of the lake in the near future. 

A donation by the WLPA to the town has contributed to the placement of 14 Speed/No Wake warning buoys in critical areas of the lake. 

We believe WLPA is the largest and most active lake association in Massachusetts, and are proud of the service we provide to the local residents and the Town of Barnstable.

Barnstable County
Cape Cod Watershed

654 Acres
Depth:14 Feet Average
34 Feet Maximum

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